May 2017

NHS England Community Neurology Project

Stephen Williams Project Manager, Community Neurology Project, NHS England E: Neurological conditions are many and varied. The term covers a huge variety of significant health problems, from isolated injuries to recurrent or ...(read more)

Neurodigest Issue 3

Welcome to our third edition of Neurodigest, a journal that likes to hoover up the best of neurological care in the community from around the UK and present it to you in an easy to digest form. Download a full PDF of this issue here. We start with a ...(read more)

Latest Neurology News

General Clinical News Prenatal APAP associated with language delay in children at 30 months Language delay may be linked to prenatal acetaminophen (paracetamol) use The effect of prenatal exposure to acetaminophen (APAP)/paracetamol on child ...(read more)

News Archive

General News Online Neurology Education for Primary Care E-Brain, developed with the Joint Neurosciences Council (a UK registered charity, of which P-CNS are members) continues to develop and offer excellent education modules to complete online and ...(read more)