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Neurodigest is a growing UK-based magazine, created with the aim of providing a central resource to keep health professionals up to date with news and reviews from across the neurology community.

It is particularly relevant to those professionals involved in the planning and implementation of care for patients with chronic neurological conditions, helping them to identify and keep abreast of best practice.

The journal is published by Rachael Hansford of Whitehouse Publishing, in conjunction with the Primary care and Community Neurology Society. The print version is distributed to over 2,500 subscribers with an e-newsletter distributed to approximately 2000 subscribers.

We currently print Neurodigest annually, but articles are often posted here on the website before it appears in the print version.

We are grateful to our sponsor and advertisers who enable us to provide Neurodigest free-of-charge. But importantly, the editorial remains completely independent.

There are no charges for authors who contribute to Neurodigest.

The ISSN number for the magazine is 2397-5687.

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