Community Neurological Rehabilitation in the East Midlands

The need for a properly integrated approach to commissioning and providing community services for long term neurological conditions is well recognised. With that in mind, the East Midlands Mental Health Clinical Network launched the ‘Community-based rehabilitation of people with long-term neurological conditions – Commissioning guidance and sample service specification’ in November 2015. The guidance was the culmination of a significant piece of work by a large and varied multi-agency group comprised of health and local authority organisations, people with lived experience of neurological conditions and their carers, voluntary and community sector organisations. The purpose was to provide comprehensive guidance in the form of a reference document for commissioners to apply to their local needs and situation.

When the document was launched, it was agreed that a follow up meeting should be organised in six to nine months’ time, to provide participants with an opportunity to reconvene, network, share learning and progress and ascertain the extent to which the commissioning guidance had informed work in their areas.

Approximately 40 colleagues from across the East Midlands and further afield came together at an event where energy, ideas, tenacity and particularly, a shared commitment to developing quality services for people with long term neurological conditions were evident.

Professor Chris Ward, who covered ‘Rehabilitation for long term neurological conditions: commissioning guidance and business case’, led the group through a reflection on current commissioning priorities and developments in respect of long term neurological conditions, in the East Midlands, since the Commissioning Guidance was launched in the region.
There was a feedback session on developments in the East Midlands since the launch meeting, and assessment of current commissioning priorities in the region. For example, in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) the commissioners and providers reported having learnt a lot from their significant journey with regard to neurological conditions over the last two years. They looked at shared learning from other areas and anticipated change will happen through learning. In Lincolnshire, participants noted the need for robust data being available in order to assist the commissioners when considering models, possible configurations and business cases.

A more in depth report from that follow up meeting, held on 9th June 2015 at Kegworth Hotel and Conference Centre, is available from can be found here

Details of the East Midlands Neurological conditions work programme which is to focus on improving services for people with neurological conditions region wide by:

  • Identifying shortfalls in service provision and developing neurology community multidisciplinary team models.
  • Launching our commissioning guidance for community rehabilitation for people with long term and neurological conditions.
  • Upcoming epilepsy work programme – developing minimum standards and working with the East Midlands Ambulance Service to reduce conveyances to A&E post seizures.
  • Evaluating the provision of epilepsy services in the East Midlands to develop recommendations for improvement

can be found from here