Headache – a continuing challenging symptom for GPs to manage

When the All-Party Parliamentary Group in Primary Headache Disorders published it’s report in 2014, it stated that “Primary headache disorders are extremely disabling and highly prevalent. They place a significant demand on NHS resources and are an enormous financial cost to the economy and wider society.” It also went to say that “Patients in England have non-equivocal access to specialist headache clinics and face barriers accessing appropriate, and recommended, treatments.”

The Primary Care Neurology Society [now the Primary care and Community Neurology Society] has recently taken over the hosting of an excellent series of video guides, which were developed by the NHS London Neuroscience Clinical Network to support GPs in managing the majority of patients locally rather than refer them to a specialist as an outpatient. One of these video guides, which set out in a problem-specific video map, looks at adults with headache, to offer insight into the diagnosis and management of headache in patients’. It provides content at key decision points (eg red flags, medication overuse, acute management and prevention). For further details and to access the video guide please go to www.p-cns.org.uk/videoguides.asp.

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